The 'Pastoral' feature allows you to easily track your students behaviour and other incidents.

Web app

Firstly select your student then click Pastoral. This will bring up a New Pastoral box seen below.

Once you have filled the form out toggle the Watchlist to green as seen in the screenshot, Now the student will be added to the watchlist like the image shows below

Now you can review this information by simply hovering over the Pastoral icon on the students tile.

iOS App for iPad and iPhone

On the iOS App select the student you want to add a record to. Click Pastoral (bottom of screen on blue bar) then 'New Pastoral'. Simply fill the form, toggle the Watchlist icon to show green, then click save.

You can review watchlist records for one (or multiple) students using the option below

You can remove the Watchlist item from this list by simply swiping left on the entry, then tapping the 'Remove'. Note: The Pastoral record is still saved to the student, but the icon is removed from the Home Board view.

Further note: All these actions can be done with multiple students as well!

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