Starting from your School Management page navigate to 'Staff'. Then click the 'Invite' tab.

Inviting an administrator

Enter the email addresses of all the administrators you'd like to invite.
Ensure the administrator toggle is on (Green) and click 'Invite'.

Inviting a staff member

Enter the staff members email address and turn off the administrator toggle

You will then be prompted to set permission controls for the staff member, click the circle to turn off the listed option.

Assign your staff member to applicable house/s and click invite

 Bulk import

Click CSV Template to download the template for the bulk import (box) Fill in template, save, and then click 'Upload Emails' to load them.

The  'Pending Invites' section helps you manage your current invites to see who is still yet to connect.

The arrow on the bottom right shows the more option button to access the options of 'Resend Invite' and 'Delete Invite' 

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