This guide covers all you need to know about setting up the Boardingware Checkpoint iPad App to function as you need.

Click the Boardingware icon to access the settings menu, which is In the top left corner of the screen at all times.

The staff who is currently logged in will need to enter their password.

To logout, tap the very first option under 'Account'. This will take you to a screen with a 'Log Out' option.

Display Options

To start with you can choose whether you want to see the students in Tiled or Faceless view. See the options menu below.

Faceless view will not show all of your students, and you will need to search for students one at a time.

Tiled view displays all the students which you want to view.

Description of settings:

 - Allow Multiple Selection
Allows you to select more than one student at a time, so groups of students can sign out at once. Toggle this off for just single student (one at a time) selection.

 - Allow Editing Leave
This option will allow you to edit leave records from the Checkpoint App as below.

 - View Active Leave records
This option allows you to look into the details of active leave. (When multiple selection is ON, you need to tap and hold)

Lastly you can enable PIN codes, which can be set up via School management or from the Student App. Click either of the following guides if you require more information on setting PIN codes for your students:
 - By CSV Import or update
 - Student by student basis (Students manage from their account)

Customising Boardingware Checkpoint

Use your school name

You can tap on the second option within the settings 'Kiosk Name', to enter your own school name.

Background Image

Scrolling to the bottom of the settings page you will see a preview for your background image. To change the background image simply click 'Change Background'

Check out the new look, well done!
Note: This view is 'Faceless' view. Read above under 'Display options'

Any further questions? No problem! Please use the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this screen to talk to one of our Customer Success Team. We would love to help you.

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