This page is designed to be a reference for the key steps you must complete when setting up your account.

 - Step 1: Import all data -

This step can be done via CSV setup, or integration. Please check our integrations page to see if your school uses one of current integrations.

Click here for the step by step guide to upload your students via CSV (spreadsheet), 

 - Step 2: Setting Up Smart Groups -

To easily find the students we will want to create groups we can filter by. Boardingware allows you to create the groups from automatic filters (Smart Groups), or by selecting the students manually. 

Click here for the guide to help you set up your School Groups.

 - Step 3: Editing Students -

You may want to edit the student individually once your data has been uploaded. You can edit the student from the 'School Management' menu, or from your 'Home Board' view. Please click either of those options to learn how.

 - Step 4: Create A Leave Type -

Leave Types are the bread and butter of Boardingware!

We will do everything we can to ensure you get all the information you need. So we can set up your leave types perfectly, first time. Click here to go to the step-by-step guide.

 - Step 5: Create A Roll Type -

To monitor attendance you will want Roll Types to help you categorise certain times of the day e.g. Breakfast Roll, Evening Prep Roll, etc.

Click here for a step-by-step guide for you to make things easy!

 - Step 6: Invite staff -

We have nearly finished the setup tasks for your account. The final step is to invite your staff.

Note: It is very important to make sure the previous steps are complete before inviting staff. This way when they create their accounts, there are students and leave types ready for them to use.

Click here for the illustrated step-by-step guide.

Congratulations on completing all the set-up steps for your account!

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