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Note: the Boardingware Kiosk App is different to the Staff App. Both are found in the App Store.
It is highly recommended you look at
setting up Guided Access mode before you set the Kiosk live

This is the home screen of the Kiosk Mode. 

  1. The top arrow points to the options icon. Only the staff can access this with their password.
  2. This arrow shows the leave icon which accesses the quick leave menu
    You can also click in the middle of the line to apply for new leave and access upcoming leave.

You can also click the "i" icon on the right hand side as seen on the right of Amelia Bradley's bar. This shows the status of the current leave, if a student is already signed out.

Clicking the 'Cog Wheel' icon will bring up the following menu.

You can choose which houses are accessed, just tap them to apply the tick (displayed) or no tick (hidden).

Require Student Pin Codes: These are setup within by Administrators. You can do this when via CSV import/update (for all students) or you can change them one at time. Click either of the following guides if you require more information:
 - By CSV Import or update
 - Student by student basis

Allow Editing Leave: This option will allow students to make changes to their current leave details

Below you can see how to access the different houses. 

Web App

On the Leave Board, before you let boarders sign themselves in and out, make sure that you are in "Kiosk Mode" by checking the padlock is in the locked position.

Once you have checked that the system is in "Kiosk Mode" your boarders may now sign themselves out. All they have to do is click their name and select the leave type they wish to sign out on.

Once you fill this form out they and click 'Save' they will be signed out. This is reflected within "Kiosk Mode"

For a student to sign themselves back in they would simply click on their name, and then select sign in.

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