Boardingware gives you the ability to update all your boarders via CSV by choosing which data you want to modify. 

First, navigate to the 'Students' tab then click on the 'Import students' icon.

note: If you don't already have your students in a spreadsheet form, you can export them from Boardingware. Click here to learn how

If you already have a set of students in CSV (Spreadsheet) form then click option 1: 'Choose CSV File to Import'. If you want to build a CSV from scratch using our template please click option.

Important Step: Simply click on the ' Upload Options' toggle shown below. This will make sure that the information you are uploading updates the previous information. Choose a column to help identify the students by. We recommend using a value you know will be unique for each student (i.e. Student Reference ID). If you have previously done the Export, then Boardingware ID will be available as an option as well.

The mandatory fields are 'Student First Name' and 'Student Last Name', and the unique field you chose in the last step.

If you have exported your students previously then this step should automatically detect which columns match up. If you are using your own spreadsheet you will see which columns are matched (they will be coloured green like below). Note: All columns that are green will be imported and update existing information. So be careful not to select any columns that you don't want to change.

If you were looking instead for information on how to do your initial student import, please click here to go to that page.

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