We're lucky to be partnered with iSAMS for a data integration. Please see below for an overview of the integration and steps on enabling this for your school.

Is this a one or two way sync?

As it stands, our iSAMS integration is a one-way sync from iSAMS to us. 

How often does the data sync?

Your data will automatically sync every 4-6 hours. You also have the ability to complete a manual sync throughout the day. 

What data is pulled across?

Student information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Reference ID

  • Mobile / cell

  • Email

  • Gender/ sex

  • Date of birth

  • Year level

  • House / dorm allocation

Contact information:

  • Name

  • Relationship

  • Email

  • Home phone

  • Mobile / cell 

  • Address

How to enable 

We require an API URL and an API key to create the connection. 

To enable your iSAMs integration you will need to install the batch API module in iSAMS and generate the API key for:

  • Pupil Manager > Current Pupils

  • Pupil Manager > Contacts (for home contacts only) OR Contacts (Filtered) (for all contacts)

  • School Manager > Boarding Houses OR Academic Houses

Once you have your API key and API URL, open the Data Integration tab within School Management

Select iSAMS

Input your API URL and API keys

 NB: If you are using Boardingware for your Day Students, please also toggle on the day students option. 

Before enabling this integration, please not that there is an additional fee to use this integration. Please let us know if you are interested in enabling this integration by clicking the blue chat bubble. 

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