Form Builder Overview

What is the Form Builder?

The form builder allows you to collect information from your community in a more accurate and efficient manner. This can be used for a variety of use cases such as, collecting permissions and consents from parents, collecting surveys from students, or collecting qualitative reports from your staff.

The Form Builder is included in our Platform product which means that all schools will immediately have access to it as part of the base level of functionality that Boardingware offers.

Accessing Forms

Staff members can access forms from within the ‘Platform’ section of the web application for day to day use and reviewing submissions.

Administrators can access the form builder settings from within the Admin Console.

Form Types

There are different types of forms you can create depending on who the form is for. Each form type has options that make it more effective at collecting information from your chosen audience. This includes staff, parents, students, and you can also create public-facing forms that anyone with the link can complete.

Information Types

Forms can be used to collect information on specific students or general information. Student information will be saved directly to students’ profile records and can be used to directly update student database information. Assigned students can either be hard coded into the form settings or set by staff on an ad hoc basis. General information forms can be used to collect any other type of information that’s not linked directly to students.

Individual vs Grouped Forms

When collecting information on students, you can create individual forms for each student, this works in the case where they might all have different information such as a survey, or parental permissions. You can also create a grouped form where all students will have the same information such as a staff duty report that relates to a group of students.

Updating student information

Student information forms can be used to directly update the fields within the student database. For example, the form below will update each student’s dietary information when completed. This will also work for any custom fields that you have created.

Form Campaigns

Form submissions can be collected by creating campaigns that ask (and remind) the assigned recipients to complete the form. The available recipients depend on the type of form. I.e. Only staff can complete staff forms, only parents can complete parent forms and so forth.

You can also set the frequency of the campaign as one-off, repeating, or initiated by staff on an ad-hoc basis, depending on how often you want to collect submissions for this form.

Other Options

In the last section, you can specify which staff members should have access to the submissions for this form. You can also choose to post submissions to the activity feed if you want to share each submission with your team.

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