What is this form used for?

This type of form is used to collect information from any member of the public. This form is shared with the selected person via a link.

Examples of how this form can be used

  • Feedback forms
  • Contractor consent forms

Creating a form

Open the Forms page in your Admin Console, click + New Form, and then select the Public form option.

The setup is made up of five different phases

1. Name & Description

Your first step is to name your form and provide a description (optional).

2. Information Type

In this form type, only general information can be collected. Please continue onto the next step.

3. Form Builder

The form builder provides the ability to customize your form to suit your needs. You can apply different response types (paragraph, multi-choice, file attachments, dates, signatures, etc), make this question required, and preview what this form will look like for your public link holder.

Apply all your questions and then select the preview button to confirm you are happy with the structure for your public members.

4. Submission Options

In the submission section, you will have a link appear once you have saved this form.

5. Other Options

The final section allows you to control who can review these responses. As you can see in the below screenshot; all staff, specific staff, administrators, or house staff can be applied. There is also the option to have these responses lodged into your Activity Feed.

Once you are happy with all of the above, scroll back to the top and press save to add this Form to your account and gain access to the link to share with the public.

If you have any questions about this process or not sure how this feature could be used at your school, please click the chat bubble on the right-hand side to let us know - we’re always happy to help!

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