This guide will cover:

  • Creating your Boardingware Student Account

  • Downloading the Boardingware Student App

  • What to do if you have trouble getting started

Creating your Boardingware Account

Your Boardingware account can be accessed from the web using a browser (we recommend google chrome) at, or from the Boardingware Student App available in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android. Please create your account from your phone or the web, then download our App and login.

If you have already created your account click here to for instructions on changing your location and requesting a pass, and here for how to check in with your phone at an NFC chip location.

1. Click on the 'Create My Account' button in the welcome email. If you have not yet received an invitation via email, please speak with school staff.

 2. Enter a Username and Password for your account and review/agree to the Privacy and Security Policies as shown in the images:

Downloading the Boardingware App

From the App Store (for iPhone shown below) or from the Google Play Store (for Android) search for the Boardingware Student App to Download.

Having Trouble Getting Started?

If you did not receive an invitation e-mail:

•  Contact your boarding school staff and check that they have your correct email address on the system
•  If they have the correct email address ask them to resend it
•  Check your email folder

If you cannot open Boardingware on your device:

• Boardingware is designed for modern browsers, please ensure you have the latest version of Google chrome installed on your device and try again.

Still having trouble getting started?

Visit our help centre at:

Or, email our success team


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