When you log into your Boardingware account you will land on the Home Board. There are a variety of different filters available to get to the particular student view you need. See filters highlighted below.

At the top left, next to the house icon, you can view 'All Students' or students in a specific house (Note: The access given to you by your School Administrator will dictate the options within this filter).

Below the house filter, you can click to get further granularity ie a specific group, students checked into a specific location, or checked out on a specific type of pass. You can also stack these filters by choosing one filter of each type. 

The below filters would be used see students on the Soccer Team who are In Transit to the Soccer Field.

The filters can also be used to see students on the watchlist, students that have been gated, and students who are late returning from a pass.

The Home board can also be filtered using the options located on the right side of the page.

Clicking on the down arrow next to the filter will provide a more granular view. For example, you can filter to zones as well as locations and sub-locations within zones.

Coming Soon! Further to the enhanced filtering, you well soon be able to see both residents of a dorm/house in addition to any non-resident student currently checked into the dorm/house. These students will be shown as ‘visitors’ and can be easily viewed using the filters at the top and left of the home board.

Feeling a little confused? Please feel free to hit the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner to start a conversation with us to learn more. We're always more than happy to help!

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