A roll check in Boardingware is a way to take attendance for all (or some) of your students and have a record of that attendance check. Boardingware has three types of rolls which are described below.

Daily Roll Checks

This roll check is to be used anytime an attendance check is needed. This could be a school assembly, an evening check-in at bedtime, or when out on an excursion. A daily roll check allows to you to select all students, a specific house, or group of students to mark. Students are typically, marked as present, late or absent but these states can be customized and added to. Staff can either work on this roll alone, or, can share the roll with a colleague (making it a live roll) so multiple staff members can work together to account for students. 

Adoption Plan:

Find out how to set up a Daily Roll here.

Emergency Roll Checks

This roll check is to be used in the event of an emergency situation. This roll functions as a daily roll check does, but with the added ability of sending notices to staff, students & parents at the start and end of the roll. Most customers will set up an emergency roll for any possible situation that could occur, so they may craft the appropriate messaging to fit with the scenario. In an emergency roll, you can also opt to allow students to mark themselves as Safe or In Danger, and they can add a message and share their location.

When notifying staff, students and parents, you can either use push notifications, emails, in-app notifications or upgrade your account to include text messaging as an option. 

Adoption Plan:

Find instructions on configuring your Emergency Rolls here.

Automatic Roll Checks

This roll check goes on in the background of your account at a specific time that has been set by an Admin. No action from Staff is needed to begin the roll. The roll will use your student's location and parameters setup on the backend to mark students in various states while the roll is taking place. For example: Structured study hall beings at 6pm. At 5:45pm a study hall roll will begin. Students will check into Study Hall using an NFC checkpoint, by staff member, or through the Boardingware Checkpoint. As long at they are checked into the study hall location by 6:05, they will be marked as present. Anyone checking in after 6:05 will be marked as late, and if no check in takes place, the student will be marked as absent. Students on approved passes will be marked as excused. Once the roll completes, a summary will be sent to specific staff, and a message can be crafted to be sent to students who are absent.

Adoption Plan:

Click here to find steps on setting up an Automatic Roll. 

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