Open Passes

What are Open Passes?

An Open Pass is a way to show that a student is off campus. There are many different types of open passes that can be setup, such as a pass which a student needs to request for a weekend off campus, or to travel to a college visit. Passes can also be setup for a quick trip off campus that student's can activate on their own. Each pass can be fully customized to require a request & approval from parent, hosts and multiple staff members, or can be configured for a quick signout without any permissions needed. Passes may also be reserved for staff use - for team signouts on an trip to an away game, or for health center staff to send students to appointments.

These passes have no restrictions for when they can be applied for, hence the name, open pass. 

Adoption Strategy for Open Passes

Event Passes

What are Event Passes?

Student Informed: To be used for a specific event, such as a holiday break. Differs from an Open Pass in that you can set when you would like the submission time to open/close, and set reminders to be sent leading up to the submission close time. Students will be providing the details of the pass (ie departure/return times & transport).  

School Informed: To be used when the school is planning a trip and will provide the logistical details. Students will then be able to opt in/out of this event and a quota can be added if applicable.

Event Passes require submission time frames so these can only be applied for at certain times (specified by you). 

Adoption Strategy for Event Passes

Use the open pass planning section + the below. 

Not sure on what situations to use an Event Pass for? Check out our blog post here.

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