Boardingware has created a workflow feature, a series of steps to streamline your internal processes. Workflows can have three types of steps: Task, Approval and Alert.  Below is an example of how you can setup a workflow using each type of step. Keep in mind this area is completely customizable passed on the process you are automating. Currently this is a standalone feature so feel free to start using it without affecting other areas of Boardingware.

To get started, navigate to the cog at the top right>workflows section>New Workflow

 *Please note that the workflow creation is available to Administrator Users only, all staff may participate in the steps of a workflow, if assigned*

Provide a name and description for your workflow, and click 'Create First Step'. Then choose who will be initiating the start of this workflow, and 'Start New Step'.

Name your step, click next, then choose what should happen for this step.


If you choose, 'Staff Member has to completed a Task', first select which staff member is assigned to this task, then add instructions (you can attach a file to this section), a due date and notifications to notify the assignee that a task needs to be completed. Then select 'Complete a Form'

In this area, create a form using the options presented which will need to be completed by the staff member assigned to this task. Add as many sections as you need, as well as the best response type for that section:

Once you are done adding sections to the form, click on the 'Add new Step' option to the right. Please periodically save your work as well!


Name your second step and again choose what type of action. I've selected 'Request Approvals from Staff Members'. Decide what needs to happen if someone declines, and choose who needs to approve. Added reminders to be sent to approvers, and set what happens at the end of this step.


Continue adding steps as needed. If you choose the 'Set Notifications' option, you can set a message to be sent out.

Once your workflow is completely setup, click 'save' at the top right. To begin your configured workflow, navigate to the planning section>workflows area>start workflow at the top right.  

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