Checkpoint allows you to monitor key information and alert yourself to offline events. Read below for how to get the most out of this section.

1 - Live Activity - See here for an over view of which of your checkpoints are online. Click on the online or offline number to narrow the list down.

2 - Error Log - This displays all log-outs and offline events. You can click on the box on the right to look at different date ranges, or below on the 'graph' and 'list view' options to toggle how the information is displayed.

3 - Email notifications - Simply toggle this on if you would like to receive email alerts whenever an offline event occurs.

4 - Map - To give you a visual understanding of where each checkpoint ID is set-up. Click on the red-marker on the map to bring up more information.


Each iPad in the school will require an ID, these are unique and attach to Checkpoint Types which determine the settings/permissions.

1 - Checkpoint Type - This is an example of a type. The arrow points to the button to deactivate or delete. (Scroll down to see how these are created)

To set up a new type, click New Checkpoint Type in the top right.

2 - Checkpoint settings - This is a summary of the settings that the type is using.

3 - Checkpoint ID's - Each individual iPad needs a Checkpoint ID. Click 'New Checkpoint ID' to create some ID's for your Checkpoint Type. (Scroll to next section for details.

Tip: On the 'Basic' type in the image above, the ID's: Bathroom, and Library both have red dots. This signifies there is an iPad using each of those ID's and they are both currently offline.

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