Boardingware gives you the ability to import contacts for your students using our CSV importing tool. Any relevant contacts involved in the Pass request process: Hosts, parents, guardians, family and friends can be imported. 

Please note; We highly recommend including contacts on your original student import, but you can also do a separate import for just contacts.

Navigate to the cog at the top right>contacts>import contacts button at the top right. Download out CSV template which has your active students, and the necessary column headers.

 Complete your csv file and save, then choose 'Next Step' to upload that file.

Note: Please be sure not to change to the order of the columns or the contact information will not import correctly.

Click 'Upload new file' and select your sheet. You then then see the below confirmation page and can select 'Complete contact import'.

If you do not have many contacts to enter, you can also add them in manually, but using the '+ Add Contact' button on the far right of each student's name.

To delete a contact, click on them, then on the 'x' button at the top of the page.

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