If you are working with an Integration, please refer to your Success Manager to assist with the setup.

To help make the process of importing students as easy as possible, Boardingware provides a CSV template for your use. Please navigate to the cog at the top right>students section>import students button (second button at the top right)>download CSV template. 

Note: You can use an existing CSV file with student information and import it, but we recommend using our template to make the process as easy as possible.

Below are all the CSV's column-headers relating to Student information. When you open the file in a spreadsheet, you will be able to copy and paste data from other spreadsheets in to match the column headers. If you do not change the order, the importing tool will match them much more easily for you.

  • Boardingware ID*

  • House Name

  • Student First Name

  • Student Last Name

  • Alternative Name

  • Student Email

  • Student Reference (ID)

  • Student Home Phone

  • Student Mobile Phone

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth (eg. 2016-30-06)

  • Year/Grade

  • Dietary Information

  • Medical Information

  • Magnus Health Vendor Key

  • ID Card UID

  • Pin Number

The only mandatory fields are Student First Name & Student Last Name.

* do not assign a Boardingware ID to your student list, one will be assigned by the system when you upload the spreadsheet.

Below are the CSV's column-headers relating to your first contact's information.

  • Contact 1 First Name

  • Contact 1 Last Name

  • Contact 1 Title

  • Contact 1 Relationship (e.g. Mother)

  • Contact 1 Email

  • Contact 1 Home Phone

  • Contact 1 Mobile Phone

  • Contact 1 Address

  • Contact 2 First Name

  • Contact 2 Last Name

  • ... etc

You can have up to four contacts per student with the initial student upload. After this you can add them singularly.

Once your sheet is prepared and saved, click on the 'Choose CSV File to Import', find your sheet and click to upload.

The next screen shows you all the fields that can be loaded for each student profile. The mandatory fields are 'Student First Name' and 'Student Last Name'. If you are using your own format of CSV file, the system will need to you select your fields by choosing the corresponding names from your CSV.

Note: Boxes will appear in red if a data point is missing or invalid and you will not be able to continue the import. Navigate back to your sheet, fix the issue, save and begin again.

Once all of your fields are matched, scroll to the bottom then you can confirm the upload.

If you aren't totally sure, make sure to check in with our Customer Success Team by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this page - We want to make sure the import goes perfectly!

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