Participating in an Emergency Roll check 

When an Emergency Roll check has been initiated by a staff member you will receive a push notification (iOS) and see an in-app banner appear within your Boardingware account to inform you of the matter at hand. 

Once you have received this notification, please join the roll.

Work through the roll check to mark students as safe. As this is a live roll check, you will be collaborating with other faculty members to complete this roll check. You will see students marked as safe and by which faculty member on your roll call.

Once all your students are accounted for, a staff member will complete the roll check and push out a notification via email or push to update the different parties on this matter.

Students marking themselves safe during an Emergency Roll 

When a staff member has activated a roll check, students will receive a push notification to advise them of the situation. 

Students have the ability to mark themselves as safe from their Boardingware Student App. All they need to do is open the app, select the emergency notification, and select the applicable response. Their response will reflect on your roll check.

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