Checking your students in and out of a location has never been easier.

Checking a student out 

When you are wishing to update the location of a student, simply select the student/s from your Home Board and then select Location.

The update location pop up will appear. From here, simply select the new location bar for a drop down menu of all locations that this student can check in or out to. 

Some locations require a leave pass, these location have this indicated on the drop down menu.

Once you've selected your location and filled in the pass (if required), simply press the start transit button 

NB; you can also toggle on the in-transit option for your student to track how long it takes them to get from their departure destination to their arrival location. 

Your student will now be checked out to that location. 

Checking in a student

Students can be checked into a location based on their in-transit location settings or manually when the student has arrived at the location. Simply go through the same steps above to check your student/s in.

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