When you log into the Boardingware Student App on your phone or computer, you will land on the 'Location' page. This will show your active location.

To update your location, select the '+New' button. 

You will be presented with two options, Location and Pass.

Using Locations
If you want to simply check into a new location, select Location. Begin typing your location, or choose from the list presented, then 'Check In'.

Once you are checked in, you will see your current location has been updated.

For some locations, you will see the following message asking you to check out of the location before departing:

This location has been setup by school staff to require that you provide your In-Transit details to the next location.

Once you have entered your next destination, you will see the 'Start Transit' button.

When you arrive at your destination, click on 'Check In'.

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