We have made some exciting changes to Boardingware that will allow you to better account for students both on and off campus. This article will assist you in updating your account configuration to adopt these new features. 

Please keep in mind that you are not required to make any changes to your current configuration, but we do recommend taking advantage of these great new enhancements. 

This article covers the following:

  • What’s changing for all staff
  • What's changing for administrators
  • What actions need to be taken in order to adopt this update 

Understanding the changes

What's changing for all staff?

The biggest change you will see we have made is to your leave destinations, this is now called Locations. We've made this change as we've given you the ability to have more control over the locations and zones your students check in and out to when they are either on site or off. Sub-locations have also been created for your locations/ zones so you easily identify exactly where your students are at any given time.

For example;


  •  On Campus


  •  Gym


  • weights area
  • cardio section
  • tennis court
  • sauna
  • pool

We believe this change is a massive improvement on the current on campus tracking for our boarding community and day school users. 

NB; the destinations that are currently configured within your account will be transferred over automatically, this means you don't have to worry about having to create all destinations/ locations again.

Check in / out
The term sign in /out is being replaced with the term check in and check out. This is due to this exciting update which allows us to check students into different locations on and off campus. 

Depending on your configuration, students, parents, checkpoints, and/ or staff can still use the same method of signing in and out that your school is used to.

Leave types
Leaves have been renamed passes. From the administrator side, open leave types and event leave types are now open passes and event passes. The setup of passes has not changed, with the exception of the addition of a ‘location’ section within the setup.

In-Transit tracking

We have introduced a new state for students to be in, called ‘In-transit’. In-transit indicates that the student has checked out of a location and is en-route to their next destination.

You can now stack multiple filters from the home board by selecting more than one option from the dropdown menu. You can also continue to use the filters available on the right side of the home board.

Visitors Coming Soon!
Further to the enhanced filtering, you will soon be able to also see both residents of a dorm/house in addition to any non-resident student currently checked into the dorm/house. These students will be shown as ‘visitors’ and can be easily viewed using the filters at the top and left of the home board. 

What's changing for administrators?

Location Manager
Within the school management section, you will see a new section called ‘Location Manager’. This update allows you to get much more granular with mapping out campus to account for students. You can now create zones, and within those zones, locations and sub locations.

All existing destinations will automatically become locations within the ‘Signed Out’ zone. You can rename the zone if you would like (ie ‘Off Grounds’).  Select ‘+ New Location’ to add new locations to a zone if needed.

You can click into the location to create a sub location, and change the parent zone.

Please note that the toggling ‘Private’ on a location will hide the location name from view on a public kiosk, and when creating locations you must select coordinates from the map. Once your campus is mapped to your liking, you will need to decide which of these locations will be interactive. Making a location interactive allows you to configure how users can check in and out (sign in/out).

Check-in methods
The check-in methods define how a student can be checked into a location. Requiring an open pass means one of the connected passes below need to be used in order to check into this location (NFC Checkpoint is not yet available).

In-Transit Tracking applies to when a student leaves this destination. If In-Transit is toggled on, it will record how long it takes a student to check into their next location.

Connecting Locations to Passes and Kiosks (NFC not yet available)

Connecting a location to an Open Pass or an Event Pass will provide that location as an option when the pass is being filled out. Select the +Add button at the top right to connect Passes to this location.

If you are using Checkpoint Manager, you can also connect your active kiosk to a location by selecting the +Add Button. 

Locations within your leave passes
On the left side of your leave pass, you will see a new section titled ‘Locations’. This section is to be used in place of the ‘edit’ popup that was next to the ‘destinations’ option in the form builder.

In the form builder section, you can designate if the location is on, optional or required, and can preset the location.

Transitioning to this update

What actions need to be taken in order to adopt this update: 

[  ] Create additional locations and sub locations
[  ] Adjust your leave workflows to incorporate new locations and the check in/ out methods
[  ] Ensure your staff are aware these changes especially the terminology / verbiage changes (listed in this article)
[  ] Review our help centre and blog post for more information

Feeling a little confused?
We understand that there is a lot of changes coming with this release, so please feel free to hit the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner to start a conversation with us to find out how these settings can be best applied to your account. We're always more than happy to help!

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