When updating a student's location, you may see 'In transit' option appear on your location form. Toggling this option on gives you and your staff the ability to see that this student is yet to arrive at their destination but is en route. We also track how long it takes a student to get from their departure destination to the new location. 

How can I put a student in transit?

Toggle on the in transit option on your location form and press start transit

NB: If the In-Transit option doesn't appear in your location form this is due to the configuration of the selected location. If you wish to update this, please speak with an on site administrator. 

How can I track how long a student has been in-transit for?

At a glance / live tracking
Once the student has been assigned as In-Transit, you will be able to track how long this student has been in transit through the information displayed on their student card

More in-depth tracking

For more of a detailed view of how long it is taking your students to get from one location to the other.

How can I easily identify which students are In-transit?

Using your Home Board filters, you can easily filter to see which students are currently in transit by using the filters on the right-hand side menu

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