As a staff member, you can quickly update a student's location, whether that be signing them into the dorm for the evening or signing them out the health center. 

From the homepage, click on the circle on the top right of the student profile card, then on the 'location' button. 

NB: You can select more than one student at a time for multiple student location updates. You can also hover over the student's name on their profile card and choose 'Location' there.

In the pop-up location form, you can select where the student will be arriving to/departing from.

If the location that the student is currently checked into has 'in-transit' tracking enabled, you will be required to put the student 'in-transit' to their next location.

Pushing 'start transit' will check a student out of the location they are in, and put them in the 'In-transit' state until they are checked into their intended location.

When they arrive at that destination, staff can use the 'location' button again to end 'in-transit' to indicate of the arrival to that destination.

Feeling a little confused? We understand that there is a lot of changes coming with this release, so please feel free to hit the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner to start a conversation with us to find out how these settings can be best applied to your account. We're always more than happy to help!

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