Account Configuration

Create a group for Tier 4 students

Groups gives you the ability to filter your home board, leave requests, Insights and many more pages within Boardingware.  This allows you to simply review records associated with this group of students, which comes in extremely handy if an inspector requests an export of your Tier 4 travel information.

Create a leave type that includes all Tier 4 requirements.

Creating a leave type specific to Tier 4 students helps you to ensure your school is in line with the requirements as well as making it easier for your staff and inspectors to review leave records associated with these students.

Top tip:  Be sure to turn off the All Students assignment and assign only the Tier 4 students group to this leave. Also assign your Tier 4 manager to the specific staff member section of your workflow so they can receive email notification of this request, review and then endorse this leave type.

Once this configuration is in place you will be able to export data associated with the group or the leave type. Simply apply your leave type or group filter to the page you are working on and then click the export icon. 

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