A checklist to confirm that your account is ready to use*:

[    ] Staff members invited
[    ] Notifications enabled
[    ] Staff members trained
[    ] Houses/ dorms created
[    ] Student and contact database csv generated and imported or SIS integration enabled
[    ] Download the Boardingware Apps on your devices
[    ] Checkpoint IDs created and assigned to individual iPads
[    ] Leave types and destinations generated
[    ] Roll checks created
[    ] Customise Pastoral names
[    ] Group assignments completed
[    ] Students invited to create accounts
[    ] Parents notified about Boardingware and then sent an account invitation

*Every account is different but in general these are our recommendations. 

If you aren't sure about any of these features or the configuration of your account, please let us know by clicking the chat bubble in the right-hand corner or by emailing support@boardingware.com.  We're always happy to help!

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