Note: Before viewing this page, make sure you understand the basics of creating a leave type.

If your leave type will be going through a request process and will require endorsements from Parents, Hosts, Specific Staff or Ad Hoc Staff - you are able to set the order in which each of these groups are notified of the request, as well as create rules surrounding the endorsement process.

After assigning Students and/or Parents as the requestor, click on the '+' sign to open the endorsement section.

Add a role to the first step of the endorsement process (this group will be notified first). Add an additional role if you would like another group to be notified at the same time, or add a step to set another group to be notified AFTER the first group.

Once a second step has been added, you will see workflow options presented:

Select the applicable options for this leave: if you would like the process to stop if a role declines the leave, and how many people in each role/group need to address the request. In the above example, If a student has two parents connected to the system, this setting would allow the process to continue if just one of those parents approved the request.

Note: You can click on the three grey bars shown below to drag/drop role orders:

Finally, choose which staff will be the final approver. The default will allow all staff with the ability to 'process leave requests' to be the final approver, but change the toggle to select specific staff members if preferred.

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