Gating a Student

From your Home Board, simply select your student (or students) and then click the Gating button at the top of your page.

Your gating form will now appear. From here you will need to apply the gating duration, explain why the student is gated, and select if you wish to inform the parents of this event, and then save. 

Note: When using the comment feature, this is the details that will be shared with the parents and students. The gating reason is not shared with these parties.

Your student will now not be able to use a pass while gated, and will have a gating icon assigned to their name. You will also be able to use your filters on the right-hand side to view all gated students. This icon will remain next to the student's name for the duration of their gating.


Staff members will receive the message shown below when trying to sign out a gated student. If applicable, they can choose to override the gating for this specific instance, or ungate the student. 

Ungating a Student

To ungate a student, simply hover over their gating icon and click to expand on the drop box.

The student's active record will open, select the ungate at the bottom of your page to remove the student from your gating list and notify the applicable parties. The student will now be able to sign out on leave types and this gating record will be stored within their student profile. 

Filtering to a gated student

When using the web app, use filters on the right-hand side of your Home Board, select the Gated option

This will pull a list of all students gated at this time

On iOS, select your list options icon in the right-hand corner to generate the filters list.
Select Gated and press done

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