As with our open leaves, you can allow parents to opt into an event leave on behalf of their child. If you have chosen to do that from the workflow section when setting up the event leave, when Parents log in and select 'new leave', they will now see an additional section titled 'Upcoming Events'.

This will show any event with an open submission period that they have been allowed to sign up for on behalf of their child, and can easily see when the submission period closes. 

They can then click on the event of their choosing and request it at the bottom of the form. For a school informed event, they won't need to input any details (as shown in the below example). For a Student/Parent Informed event, they will need to submit the details you have requested on the form builder (ie school break travel plans).

Once the request has been completed, parents will see the request (and also the response from staff when it goes through the approval process):

The leave will also show in the students leave history. If the event is the the future, parents will need to expand the date range to include the event dates:

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