Navigate to School Management, and select 'Manage Leave'. Then, click on the 'Event Leave' section, and 'Add New Event Leave'.

Now choose what type of event this will be. For events which require students to enter in their leave details, choose 'Student Informed' (ie Fall Break Leave). For a school activity in which there are set details (ie a Museum Trip), choose 'School Informed'.

Section 1: 

For either option you choose, Add a Name and a Description. You can also edit the color of the icon to help you organise your leave types.

Then, choose your event repetition, submission time (when students can begin submitting responses (open time) and the due date for responses (close time) and the time of the event. The event time acts as a guide for staff and students of when the event occurs. Departure and return dates will typically be between these dates, or exact date/time is used for a school informed event.

Next, provide verbiage for opting in and out of the leave.

These options will be presented within the student app as seen below.

You can also select a student quota if applicable. 

 If you would like to have the system automatically send reminders to students and/or parents who have not responded to this event, you can choose who gets the reminders, and when those reminders will be sent out (note: you can setup as many reminders as you wish). 

For School Informed Event types, you will also see the option to create a Health and Safety List and a General List pertaining to the event. These lists are viewable by Staff Only.

Section 2: Assignments

If you toggle off All Students, you will be given options to assign the leave to certain Houses and/or Groups

Section 3: Form Builder

Build the leave form to suit your needs. As you toggle each option on, you will see it appear on preview on the right. Left of the toggle there is an edit button to help you pre-select options. 

For School Informed Events, the form builder must be pre-set.

Section 4: Workflow

Gain total control over the request and approval process from allowing parents and students to apply, to having certain staff approve, to allowing approved leave to be signed out of the Kiosk. Please click here for a detailed look into how to get the most out of the Workflow.

Section 5: Rules

These can be set to control when a student can depart, or return. You can also set the leave to automatically sign the student out. There are four options to define the rule: After, Before, At, Between. You can add up to 3 departure rules, and 5 return rules.

The highlighted rule summary will change in real time as you adjust the rules. You can set the leave to repeat on all days, or set days of the week. 

Please note that for a School Informed leave, you will not be able to add departure or return time rules, as the times are set by staff in the Event Details area of the Leave setup. The School informed event rules page will look like this:

Scroll to the top of the page and click 'Save' at the top right to complete the setup.

Important Note: Once you have created your Event Leave, it will appear in the planning section's event area ONLY when the submission time has opened.

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