Enabling School Pride

Once you've upgraded your Boardingware account to include the School Pride power up, select the School Pride tile on your Admin Console

Select the settings option on the right-hand side

From the settings page you will be able to apply your school's colors, logo and proliferate your school culture by defining and sharing your values. 

Begin by uploading different versions of your logo (white, black and full color) by hovering over the image and selecting the 'new signature' button. Please use a transparent background on the full color logo. If you do not have all types, you do not need to complete all three uploads. 

Next, select your school colors (note how each color will be used, described below the color selector).

Scroll down to then upload your logo again - this will be used will be used in situations with limited space such as email headers and printed records.

In the last section, change the Header Text to your school name, and if applicable, upload a custom font.

Scroll back to the top of the page and click save on the right side of the page.

The next page takes you through the customization of each area of your account.

In the first and second section of this page, choose which logo version to use on your log in and loading page in the Web App. by selecting a theme on the left side of the page.

Next, choose the color scheme that best fits your school branding for the Staff, Student and Parent App:

At the bottom of the page, preview how emails/hard copy printouts will look.

Once you have completed setup in the design studio, click on 'Mission & Values', then choose where you would like these displayed.

Scroll down to add your school values, selecting 'Add Value' after each one. When you have finished, click 'update'.

To finish, click 'Publish Changes' at the top right of the page.

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