Boardingware account invitations have a validation period of six months from when the initial invitation is sent. After this time the parent or student will see the expired invitation message when they try to connect. Below are steps managing the expired invitations.

Parent Invitations

In School Management, open the Contacts page

Find the contact you wish to clear the invitation for and click the 'x' next to their parent account status

Confirm to delete the invitation

Send contact a new account invitation to connect to Boardingware.

Student Invitations

These invitation refreshes are managed by Boardingware's Development Team.

Please submit a task request to or using our chat feature within your app. For security reasons, do not include the student's first and last name in the task request, please only include the email address. 

Once this task request has been submitted, we will keep you up to date with our progress directly through your request.

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