In the top right corner of your login screen, select the profile icon

This leads to the 'My Info' page, here you will see an 'Account Settings' link. Click here to access the email editing page.

Here you can either click 'Account Settings' to modify your email*. Or you can click the pencil icon 'Edit' on the left hand side, to change the other contact information.

*Scroll down for further instructions on changing email address.

Once you have made your changes, click 'Save'.

Congratulations! Your info has been updated.

The school will also see this information on their end.

Click the 'Pencil Icon' shown on the far left of the screenshot below, to edit your email:

You will be asked for your password for an extra step in security. 

Congratulations! Your email address has been updated.

Note: You will now also be logging in with the new email address as your username.

Why can't I update my student information?

The school manage that student information that is displayed within My Students section of the account. If you wish to update any of these details, please contact the school directly. 

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