Please note; you must be connected to an account to submit a pass on behalf of your student. If you aren't connected to an account, please speak with your school about receiving an invitation.

This article outlines how you can submit a pass on behalf of your student through either our website or on a mobile device. We've also included some FAQs at the bottom of this article.

Web Version

Select your pass icon and click on the new pass option

Select your school and student and then pick the type of pass you wish to apply for

Fill out the pass form and click request.

Once you have submitted your pass request, you will be able to view this pass within the My Pass Request section of your account.  When the pass has been reviewed by the school, you will receive an email notification with their decision.

Mobile Version

  1.  Tap on New Pass

2. Select your school and student

3. Pick the type of pass you wish to apply for

Fill out the pass form and tap request.


Unable to approve a pass? 

If you're struggling to approve a pass because the button is greyed out, we recommend checking the history and notes section. If you see that a staff member at the school has approved this leave it means that the final approval has been given to this student on this selected pass. 

If you are wondering why your endorsement has been bypassed, we suggest contacting the school. 

Why can't I see another parent/ guardian request?

For potential custody reasons we restrict parents and guardians from reviewing another parent/ guardian's request. This is to overall protect your student's information. If you have any questions around this, please let our team know. 

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