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Click 'Roll Check' above the Select Bar.
Click 'Past Rolls'

Select any recently completed roll (note the ability to filter by date range and roll type.)

Edit details on the roll and update the status by clicking on the status bubble or by clicking on the sidebar menu and selecting the status and writing a note.

Admin Only

On the Admin Console page, open the 'Manage Roll' tab. Then select 'Roll History'. Select any roll to edit, then follow the above tutorial for the steps.

iOS App 

Select the Roll button at the top left of the page then 'Past Rolls'

Use date filter to navigate to a specific date or scroll to find the roll you wish to review and then tap on the roll

This will show you a breakdown of the various statuses. Tap any line to view those students.

By tapping on the roll status, the system will display the list of students under this result. To begin editing, click the 'Edit' button in the top right corner.

Editing is done the same way as when you take the roll. You will see on this screenshot that there is blue icon near the pastoral note. This shows that a note has been added. It also notes when and who edited the record.

Feel free to read more information on Rolls from our Staff section.

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