This guide will show you through the essential tips and tricks to getting great looking posts in Boardingware. Posts are used to create shift reports, announcements, or any other form of message you want to share within the Activity Feed.

Applying formats before typing your post

Applying formats before you start typing is as simple as clicking the format option you would like to apply from the text editor and then start typing.

We have given you the ability to format your text in the following styles:

  • (Header 1)
  • (Header 2)
  • Bullet-style lists
  • Numbered lists 
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline

Once you have finished using the selected text format, click the format option again to revert back to the default option.

Applying formats during or after typing your post

Applying these formats during or after your post is as simple as highlighting the text with your mouse, and then selecting one or even more of the format options. 

Removing text formatting

You can easily remove any text formatting by highlighting the text with your mouse and then select the text formats that are currently applied.

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