The Activity Feed provides you with the ability to make quick and clear shift reports, track students well being, as well as giving you insight on students absences students late to sign-in from their leave.

You can create a post to end your shift, or announce a message for the school to see. Using the filter system, navigate with ease to view specific records from one house, or a the whole school.

Creating a Post

To create your post, simply click 'New Post' in the top right corner. Simply type out your message then click 'Save Post' when you are finished. If you would like to learn how to use the inbuilt formatting tools, please click here.

As well as posting, you can leave comments by clicking anywhere on the post.

Filter Activity

Navigating between your activity is easy with the filter options. Click on any of the events to bring up more detailed information.

For a description of what each of the activity types mean below, check out this quick video.

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