This guide will cover:

  • Applying for leave and using/adding/editing a Leave Template
  • Viewing leave requests
  • Notifications showing updated leave
  • Student Profile
  • What to do if you are having trouble

Applying for leave and using/adding/editing a Leave Template

  1. Press the + button

2. Choose the Leave Type or a Leave Template

3. If you chose a new leave type, fill out the required information fields on the form. If you chose a template, the information will autofill for you.

4. Send the request - save the information as a template for quick use next time. This will now appear on the Leave view.

You can also add a new template and edit templates by clicking the edit button to the right of the template heading.

Viewing Leave Requests

Clicking on a leave will show you the leave details.

Click here to view your full leave history

Notifications showing updated leave 

When you log into your account you will be brought to the notifications page.

The notifications page will show all leave requests, scheduled leave, sign in / out events, and edited and cancelled leave events. 

You will also be notified via email regarding your leave request updates.

Student Profile

The Student profile will show your contact information and account details.

You can also view and edit contact you have added, and view school contacts.

If you did not receive an invitation e-mail:

•  Contact your boarding school staff and check that they have your correct email address on the system
•  If they have the correct email address ask them to resend it
•  Check your email folder

Make sure you have the most recent version of the Student App accessible from Google Play and the App Store 

Still having trouble getting started?

Visit our help centre at:

Or, email our success team


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