Web App

Sharing a roll enables multiple staff to work together in real time

To initiate the Live Roll simply toggle on the 'Live Roll' option in your New Roll page.

Once you've toggled on the 'Live Roll' option, you will need to invite your staff (collaborators) to join the roll check. You can either invite staff members individually or all staff at once.

Once you press start, your roll check will be pushed out to all staff members invited. You will now be able to work on the roll check like normal and also see other staff members updates.

Note: Only the staff who starts the roll can complete it.

You can exit and return to the rolls at any time by clicking on one of your 'Rolls in progress'

iOS App

Sharing on the iOS is done via the more options button (next to the search bar).

You may exit the roll and come back to it, once it has been shared.

Marking the roll as complete will notify any other staff and they will be returned to the Home Board.

You can change your filters view within a roll.
You can still access the pastoral, and leave functions while roll is active.

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