Web App

There are a few easy ways to record behaviour within Boardingware's Web App.

From the Home Board:
 - Make your selection then click on 'New Pastoral' at the top of the screen.

 - When hovering over the students name, you will see a drop down menu with the 'New Pastoral' option.

Choose what type of event it was and fill in the incident details, actions taken, any additional notes, and turn switch on if you wish this information to be added to the watchlist and/ or marked as sensitive.   Press the "Save" button save this record directly to the student profile.

You can then review the pastoral record by simply hovering over the icon on each students Home Board Tile, as below:

iOS App

Select the student and tap the pastoral button 

Select your pastoral type

Fill in pastoral record, then click save

Once you have added the Pastoral Notes to a student you may want to:
 - Review a single students pastoral history
 - Access Insights to compare all students Pastoral records

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