Web app

From your Home Board, click on which student you would like to schedule the leave for. Then once you have the right student(s) click on the leave button.

Select which leave type you would like to use. Please ensure you are using a leave type that has a "Departure Time" requirement.

You will then be taken back to the All Students page where you'll notice a clock icon under the student's name, this icon is used as an indicator that they have an upcoming leave. The student will also be added to the Scheduled page.

iPhone/iPad app

Tap on the student's name, then select the 'Leave' buttonĀ 

Select 'New Leave'

Select the leave type

Once you have filled in the form, with a departure date being in the future the upcoming leave icon will appear under the name

You will also be able to see a list of all students upcoming leave by looking in the 'Upcoming' page, accessed at the bottom of your screen

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