Timeline view gives you a solution to the one of the most common questions in Boarding management. "How can I monitor the current location of all my students, and see their future plans?"

To see the Timeline view, first click on 'Schedule' from the Daily Care menu:

Here is a couple of key features of the timeline view
 - Skim between days
 - Option to 'Show Pending Requests'
 - Click on any leave record to give more options.
 - Hover over student name to view profile, or add records.

Key info:

  • The image below shows the option for 'Show Pending Requests' switched on. 
  • The vertical blue line shows current time 
  •  Brighter colour means Active leave. The top line shows an Active Sport leave*
  • Calendar icon means a Scheduled Leave
  • Little box icon means Leave Request

*The colour of the bar relates to the Leave Type, as seen in the administrator settings.

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