When Students log in and select the '+' icon, they will now see an additional section titled 'Upcoming Events'. This will show any event with an open submission time that they have been allowed to sign up for. They can easily see when the submission period closes, as well as how many spaces are left for an event

For a Student Informed leave, such as Fall Break, when the student selects that choice, and then to opt in, they will go through completing the leave form.

If the Opt-out selection is chosen, the following message appears:

For a School Informed leave, such as a Museum Trip, when the student selects that event, then the opt-in choice, all fields will be preset as shown below:

Students can easily change their response to an event while the submission time is open, by clicking into the event, and choosing the other response. They will not be able to change their response after the submission time is closed.

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