In Manage Leave you can 'Add New Leave Type' or edit an existing Leave. For this example we will choose to edit.

Now within the 'Form Builder' (section 3) click 'Edit',  on Departure or Return Transport.

Note: make sure the transport options are toggled on to see the 'Edit' link.

Toggle on the option you want to display on the form, then start editing. You are able to create custom fields (second arrow) In this example we will create three fields to add detail. 

If you would like to preset which Transport they will be using you can do that by clicking where it says 'No preset departure transport'. This will force the requester to use the transport type you choose.

Now when the leave is scheduled (by staff) or requested (by students and parents), they will see the extra fields. 

Staff can schedule leave from the Home Board and here you see a Leave Form getting filled. Train was selected and the 3 custom fields appeared, and have now been filled.

Clicking where the arrow is will allow you to add another step in your Departure. You can see the destination is "Family Home" which is taken from the first field at the top.

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